New Blog!

Finally I have finished my blog! It took me a long, long time to make this blog but it was worth it. I am really excited to start this blogging journey! I am really looking forward to see my future posts and your future comments 🙂 Please comment on my following posts coming up.

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35 responses to “New Blog!

  1. Jennifer.E

    Dear Andrea,

    Great blog you did very well how do you think you did? I voted for sports.


    • Andrea

      Dear Jennifer.E,

      I think i did very well too! I will see which one is most popular by the 30th of June.


  2. Jihan

    Dear Andrea,

    WOW, congratulations on your new blog! I think I am going to vote for school.


  3. George

    Hi Andrea,

    I wanna vote for sports cause i love sports:)


    • Dear George,

      I knew you would vote for sports!


    • Tony

      Dear George,

      Hey mate, I voted for sports too and i think sports will win ! 🙂

      King regards,

      • George

        Hey Tony,

        Me to. Doggies lost yesterday 😦


      • Tony

        Dear Tony,


        Bye Bye Tony,
        Tony Out !

      • Tony

        Dear George,

        Bulldogs were so close to winning but they didnt go well but dont be sad because they are still a good team and they will make it to the Grand Final if you believe in them and also dont worry because Bulldogs were the best team last year. By the way who is your favourite player in Bulldogs ?
        My favourites are Ben Barba, Josh Morris, Josh Reynolds, Trent Hodkinson, Sam Kasiano, Frank Pritchard and Michael Ennis.

        Cya mate,
        Tony 🙂

      • Dear Tony,

        HI this is george writing on andreas account. My favrite player is ben barber ad josh morris


  4. Tony

    Dear Andrea,

    I voted for sports … I hope sports win and say Hi to your bro. By the way your blog is really cool and your blog has gotten off to a great start. I am looking forward for future posts and REMEMBER GO DOGGIES !!!!!!

    King regards,

  5. Dear Andrea,

    Great first blog it is very exciting i want to know which one you voted for!
    I voted for hobbies


  6. Josephine

    Dear Andrea,

    AWESOME blog!! i am looking forward for future posts.
    i obviously voted for music because is da best in the world.
    i think music is going to win!!

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Alicia

    Dear: Andrea,

    The one that I voted for was sports I think sports will win because everyone enjoys sports! Isn’t that true.

    Your sincerely,

  8. Dear Andrea,
    LOL blog it is very awesome and very colorful. I voted for sports cause i like you to write something about soccer.


  9. Kevin

    Dear Andrea,

    I voted for sports because I love sports!,
    I got 1 question to ask… What happens if sports ? And by the way your blog is really good .


  10. Brenda

    Dear Andrea,

    Congrats on your new blog it is of to a great start. I am looking forward to future post. I will comment to every single one because I like you and I like your beautiful blog. I voted for cooking up a storm. Who did you vote for? I wonder I have a feeling that you voted for sports.

    Kind regards


  11. kevin

    Dear Andrea,

    So far you have been doing very awesome on your blog and when do you start a new blog? is there there like a number of votes to reach and then you stop? and go SPORTS!!!!!!

    Kevin -_-

  12. Anthony

    Dear Andrea,

    I voted for sports, what will happen if sports win. And what Tony said GO DOGGIES!! Oh and your blog is very good so far hope you do well.


  13. Dear Andrea,

    I hope sports win and by the way nice blog.



  14. Dear Audience/Bloggers,

    As you know I said the voting will end on the 30th of June. So it ended ages ago! The next post will be about (drum roll) SPORTS!!!!!! This post will be in a few weeks/days. It’s going to be a great post! Unfortunately I can not tell you what sport it is:( So wait and see:) Please comment in the future post about sport(s).


  15. Simone

    Dear Andrea,

    I really like your blog I wish I had my own

    Kind regards,

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