Soccer Gala

As some of you know a lot of boys and girls from year 5 & 6 are looking forward to soccer gala that’s coming up. These players have been practicing soccer for the last term. Soccer gala is a day were we just play soccer non-stop we also verse other schools in soccer. I hope all the people have fun in this activity!

Foot Kicking Soccer Ball On Corner Stock Photo


Are you in Soccer Gala?

If not would you like to be in it?



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19 responses to “Soccer Gala

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Nice blog post! Unfortunately, I’m not participating in the Soccer Gala day, But I still hope you will have lots of fun next term.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Dear Andrea,

    I am participating in the soccer gala day and it will be a lot of fun!I can wait to see you when we get back to school and everyone else πŸ™‚

    Kind regards,

  3. Angel

    Dear, Andrea

    I love your post about soccer gala day!
    I’m not participating in it as I’m not really a fan of soccer as I don’t really like it. I’m sure you would have great fn enjoy and GOOD LUCK!

    your Sincerely,

  4. isabelle

    Dear Andrea,

    I’am not in soccer gala because I do not want to be in it and i am not in to it now.

    From Isabelle

  5. Tony

    Dear Andrea,

    I am participating in the soccer gala day and i hope you and your team mates do well on the day. I also hope that we all have fun and nothing bad happens on the day πŸ™‚
    Good Luck.

    King Regards,

  6. Tony

    Dear Andrea,

    St Felix all did well on the day and the team i was on won 2/4 Games but it was so very fun man !!! πŸ™‚ Cant wait to comment on ur other posts.


  7. Jacob A

    Dear Andrea,

    I was doing soccer gala and it was very fun! Did you like it?


  8. Moufid

    Dear Andrea

    The soccer gala day was totally awesome… too bad my team lost all games, that was really embarrassing…lol


  9. David

    Dear Andrea,

    Nice post, well Im not in the Gala but the next Gala day Im so going to be goalkeeper. Tony,Kevin,Anthony and the others agree because Im the best at goalie. Well to prove it – I’ll show you at sports on Friday.

    Peace out,

  10. Tony

    Dear Andrea,

    THERE IS ANOTHER Soccer Gala that is tommorrow and we are versing you old school so i hope we smash them πŸ™‚ and wish us luck.

    Kind regards,

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