10 Facts about me!

1.Hi my name is Andrea and I’m 10 but my birthday is on the September the 15th.

2.I like to play basketball, soccer and football.

3.My favorite type of food is Chinese food.

4.My background is Lebanese.

5.I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I am the middle child.

6.My favorite colour is blue, orange and hot pink.

7.My favorite types of books are adventurous like Roald Dahl and Diary of a Wimpy kid.

8.I like watching Disney shows.

9.I like a good challenge.

10. I love to blog!

What do you love?



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6 responses to “10 Facts about me!

  1. Great facts! Your birthday is close to my sisters. Her’s is on September 27th. She is my youngest sister, I have two others. Keep blogging!
    – Jake (Your Mentor)

  2. Hi my name is Tessa and I love….
    1. Horse riding
    2.I am VERY passionate about archery and hope to one day do it competitively.
    3. hanging out on our farm.
    4. working (I work on the farm)
    5. Friends
    6. Reading
    7. Play C.O.D( Call of duty)
    8. Pony club
    9. Compete in HOY(Horse of the year.)
    10. That program Pretty Little Liars

  3. Hello Andrea,
    From the facts I have just read about you you seem like a very fascinating person. You’re part Lebanese, your favorite food is Chinese, you’re a girl from all over the world! You should make a post about all your different cultural backgrounds. I know I would be very interested in reading it. šŸ˜€
    P.S. We almost have the same birthday mine is September 14th!

    Ciera Meyers http://cieram-eportfolio.blogspot.com/

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